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I host a Jabber/XMPP server,
to create a account visit: link.


At the moment I run an ejabberd - server with default log configuration.
That means that I only log when someone logs in or connects to another jabber server. I will not record any conversations.
I also keep a anonymous statistics on how many users are currently online and the number of open external connections, for this I use munin.
Passwords are saved as salted SHA1 and support SASL with SCRAM-SHA1 for secure login.



server/domain: jabber.o-g.at
port: 5222 (default)
encryption: TLS V1.2 with AES-256 and Perfect Forward Security support details
clients can create accounts


I personally prefer Pidgin as desktop client, because it is just a chat program and nothing more.
You can download it under the follow link https://pidgin.im/.

Create account/login

Setting up an account with this client is really easy, start the program and click on the menu bar
Accounts -> Manage Accounts
Add... button
Protocol is XMPP
Username choose anything you want, but it needs to be unique (not already be claimed by another user)
Domain: jabber.o-g.at
Resource is the name of your current client, XMPP supports multiple clients.
If you leave it empty, it will generate a random one.
Remember password, save your password as plaintext on your hard disc.

Very important: dont't forget the check-button Create this new account on the server to create a new account.
Press the Add button.
Congratulations, you have a new Jabber account.

Add friends

Your Jabber-ID is always your username@domain.
As example my ID is "tuxcoder@jabber.o-g.at"
You can now click on the menu
Buddies -> Add Buddy... (or shortcut Ctrl + B )
Choose your preferred Jabber account if you have multiple
and enter your friends Jabber-ID
You can also create groups and add contacts and you can change and edit them anytime

Any questions try consulting the faq's.


I personally don't use a Mac so I only provide you with a download link to a client.
It is called adium.
The setup should be very similar to pidgin.


For Android I personally prefer the Xabber Client. You can download it via the Goggle Playstore or from the F-Droid Store

Create/login account

Please use a desktop client to create an account.
Start Xabber
Settingsbutton -> Settings -> XMPP accounts -> Add account
Account type is XMPP
Username is your Jabber-ID (username@jabber.o-g.at)
Password, remember: keep it secure.
If you don't want automatic synchronisation of your contacts you have to uncheck the box Integration into system contacts.
Click the Add Account button and you are finished. Now you can chat with your best friends just as easily on your phone as using your computer.


I don't own an IPhone, therefore I have limited experience with IOS :/.
But with your favorite search engine you should be able to find a client.


I intend to set up a webclient but it may take some time.


OTR (Off-the-Record) is an old and solid End-To-End massaging encryption mechanism; for details please read the wikipedia artikel.
Pidgin (over a plugin) and Xabber support OTR for secure chatting over all server